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Community Employment Services

Community Employment Services

LIFESPAN Community Employment Services, in conjunction with community employment  partners, provide opportunities for adults seeking employment in a positive working environment.  LIFESPAN Community Employment Services offer Job Development training, on site Job Coaching, and Long Term Vocational Support for those who qualify.

Job Development

Prior to Job Development, a thorough evaluation is conducted by a LIFESPAN Employment Specialist to determine the best job fit for the individual. Following the evaluation, the LIFESPAN Employment Specialist works with the individual on job development skills that include: reviewing the application process, conducting practice interviews  to instruct individuals on how to best present their job strengths and skills, and determining the best job fit for the individual.

Job Coaching

Once the individual is hired, job coaching  begins. The LIFESPAN Employment Specialist works with the individual on all job duties associated with their position. When the Employment Specialist feels the individual has mastered the job duties and has become acclimated to the work environment, the Employment Specialist slowly starts to fade out on-site job coaching.  Once the employer is satisfied that the individual is performing job to expectations, follow up support services begin for individuals who qualify.

Long Term Vocational Supports

Long Term Vocational Support services provide  periodic on-site monitoring of the individual's job placement. This includes regular communication with the employer and individual to discuss  any issues or concerns with the job placement. 



For more information regarding employment services, please contact: 

Alisha Tatum, BA, QP, CSEP

Program Director Community Employment


LIFESPAN Creative Campus West

3127 Kalynne Street

Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone: 704.393.5916; Fax: 704.393.5917


Email: atatum@lifespanservices.org