Donate to LIFESPAN, Inc.

Donate to LIFESPAN, Inc.

You have flexibility when you give a gift to LIFESPAN. You decide where you want your gift to be used to make a difference. Unrestricted gifts allow funds to be distributed where they are most needed, while restricted gifts allow you to contribute to a specific program.

Gifts to LIFESPAN are tax deductible. Consult your attorney or tax advisor for more information on charitable giving and the tax benefits.

Types of Gifts:

When you contribute cash, your gift will immediately be used to help transform lifes of children and adults with developmental disabilities. If you itemize, this type of contribution is deductible up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Excess deductions can be carried forward for up to five additional tax years. Consult your attorney or tax adviser for more information.

Giving a gift in your will is an easy way to give and leave a legacy at LIFESPAN. Could have a link to bequest language

General Bequest Language:
I give (dollar amount, percentage of residual estate, or description of property) to LIFESPAN, Inc., to be used for its exempt purposes (tax ID # 56-1142969).

Restricted Bequest Language:

I give (dollar amount, percentage of residual estate or description of property) to LIFESPAN, Inc., to be used for the following purpose (e.g. endowment, children’s programs) (tax ID # 56-1142969).

Endowment Bequest Language:
I give (dollar amount) to LIFESPAN, Inc. to be held as a permanent endowment and to be known as the (person's name) Fund. I instruct that only the income from this fund may be used to support the programs of LIFESPAN, Inc., so that the endowment will exist in perpetuity (tax ID # 56-1142969)


Charitable Gift Annuities
Do you want to receive income and make a gift to LIFESPAN, Inc.? Annuity payments can be immediate or deferred. LIFESPAN’s minimum age for a charitable gift annuity is 50 years old.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Charitable remainder trusts are gifts that are placed irrevocably in a trust with the named beneficiary(ies) receiving a fixed (annuity trust) or variable income (unitrust) for life or term of years not to exceed 20.

IRA Transfers
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) transfers are a viable option for individuals who are looking for an easy way to contribute to LIFESPAN, Inc.

Life Insurance
This can be as easy as naming LIFESPAN, Inc. as a beneficiary on an existing life insurance policy such as one that may be provided through your workplace. Or, you can purchase a life insurance policy and designate LIFESPAN, Inc. as the irrevocable beneficiary.

Retirement Plan Assets
For estate planning purposes, retirement plan assets are the assets designated to fund bequests to LIFESPAN, Inc.

Securities or Real Estate
Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate that have been owned longer than 12 months and have appreciated afford an immediate charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value.

Stock Donations
Brokerage: Merrill Lynch
Account #: 728-04025
DTC #: 5198

Corporate Matching
Many businesses will match donations made to 501(c)(3), non-profit organizations. Check with your employer to see if they participate in the corporate matching program. Corporations already setup for matching funds with LIFESPAN include: Bank of America, Duke Energy, Grant Thornton, Liberty Mutual, Lincoln Financial, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, and Wachovia.

Help LIFESPAN when you are searching the internet. Go to GoodSearch and select LIFESPAN under the "Who Do You GoodSearch For?” Each time you perform a search, LIFESPAN will earn one penny.

Do your online shopping through
Sign up at and then shop at the over 500 stores listed. A portion of the sale is credited to the program and LIFESPAN will receive a check directly from iGive. Be sure to register your "cause" as LIFESPAN.

Memorials and Honorariums
Upon receiving a memorial or honor gift, LIFESPAN will send a letter advising the recipient of the gift from you without including the gift amount.

Celebration Cards
For a gift of $5.00 (per card) to LIFESPAN we will send a birthday or holiday card to those on your gift list. Special cards are sent to celebrate Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Hanukkah. This gift is great for holidays, birthdays, or just a way to say THANKS! For more information on any of the programs above, contact the Department of Community Affairs and Development at 704-944-5110.

Amazon smile
While you are doing your online holiday shopping, Amazon Smile will donate 0.05% of certain purchases to LIFESPAN. If you click on the link,,there is a place on the Amazon Smile website where you can skip their pre-selected charities and search for LIFESPAN and select it.You do not have to be an Amazon Prime member to sign up.

Goods and Services
In-kind donations of goods or services help offset programs’ operating budgets by supplying needed items and materials from generous donors like you. For Wish List click here

For more information about different ways to give, please contact:
Holly Glinski, Fund Development Coordinator
1511 Shopton Road, Suite A 
Charlotte, NC 28217
704-944-5100, ext. 5130